A highly skilled team of architects and engineers with superb international experience in all aspects of building's delivery.


Our experienced management team and staff of  architects, engineers, and project management professionals deploy the best experience the industry has to offer assuring that all projects are delivered in the most efficient manner with superb quality services.

Mr. Ahmad Omran is the founder of Landmark and brings 17 years of solid experience in design and construction of the local Dubai market. His entrepreneurial and professional management style has enabled him to build up a highly progressive A/E firm and establish a solid reputation in the local market servicing high profile clients.

His thorough understanding of the local AEC market and local jurisdictions requirements has enabled Landmark to effectively deliver their projects at all fronts.

Miss. Lama Omran is partner & Vice President she is a lead design manager with 22 years of professional experience in the industry. With her impressive career path, she brings to our client’s superb calibre in buildings architectural design that is innovative, unique and effective for all types of buildings from horizontal development to sky scrapers.

Her credentials are complemented with a Master’s degree in Business.

Mr. Adam Omran is Landmark's crown

Miss. Ziena Omran is Landmark's future

                                                    Lead Design Manager

Ahmad Omran, B.C.E.

Cheif Executive Officer



Lama Omran, B.Arc.+EMGM

Partner - VP

Master Degree



Adam Omran


Ziena Omran

F. Lead Design Manager